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For new starters karate lessons are £7 per lesson - pay as you go - for the first few weeks. 


Karate Suit!

when i want to join?

If after the first few lessons you are enjoying your karate training with us you can then pay for your Karate lessons monthly via 'Go Cardless'. 

This is a regular monthly payment that will come out from your bank account on the 1st of every month. Your club Sensei will email you the link to set up your 'Go Cardless' payment. 

Once your first monthly payment has been received you will then receive your FREE Karate suit!


We have 3 different monthly training options to suit all students. 

We recommend that karate students train at least 2 lessons per week to progress at the usual rate.

We would like to encourage all of our students to be able to train more for less, which is reflected in our monthly training options. 


Family discounts!

We offer a 50% family discount for the 3rd family member and above on monthly training options!

Fox example, if a family of 3 train in one lesson per week the monthly family cost would be as follows:

1 Person £28

1 Person £28

1 Person £14 (50% off)

Total Monthly Discounted Family Price - Only £70 per month!

Including a FREE Karate Suit for all family members!

Please note that all family members do not have to be on the same monthly training option. So individual family members can train in different amounts of lessons per week if they choose to. 

Additional information

Students can use their weekly lessons in any of our karate classes. If you work shifts or need to change your days from week to week etc that is not a problem.

We like to encourage all students to train as regularly as possible. 

Weekly lessons must be used within that 7 day period at any of our timetable classes. 

In the event of holidays only - you can make your missed lessons up either the week before or after your holiday so that you do not miss out on your training.

Karate lessons are based on a 4 week month - therefore over the course of a year you will benefit from 4 weeks of free karate lessons. 

Karate lessons run all year round including over the school holidays. 

We operate a different timetable over the Christmas period only. Christmas lessons will be confirmed closer to Christmas so that all students can still attend Christmas lessons. 

Karate classes do not run on Bank Holidays. If your regular weekly class falls on a bank holiday we invite you to train in any other lesson for that week only. 

Any students who want to train in extra lessons in one week can do so for £7 per person payment on the day. 

Please note that we no longer accept cash payments for regular weekly lessons. All students must have a monthly lesson payment plan. Minimum of one lesson per week. 


After the first 3 karate lessons, all students are required to apply for a karate licence book. The karate licence is for Martial Arts insurance and grading purposes and covers students to participate in our karate classes. 

Karate licence fees are £25 per year per person. (Family Licences are £50 per year inclusive of all family members)

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