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Book & Pay For Karate Gradings Easily Online! 

1. Book & Pay For Your Grading Below

2. Ensure Your Licence Is In Date

*Please note all students must hold an in date Karate Licence to train and grade.

Apply For Licence Here

It is recommend that students participated in at least 2 lessons a week between gradings. 

Grading slots may get full. Once a grading is full it will no longer be available to select on the grading application form. 

If you are unsure if you/your son/daughter is eligible to grade - please speak with your club Sensei. 

The minimum time period between Gradings in 3 Months (White to Purple/White)

Minimum of 6 Months between Brown Belts.

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Spring Gradings

Saturday March 16th - 1pm Start

June 2024 dates coming soon...

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Please inform your Sensei as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your selected grading due to illness etc. 

Your grading fee will then be moved to the next set of coloured belt gradings free of charge. 

Refunds cannot be given for gradings. Including in the event of students failing or for students who "no show' or 'fail to participate or complete the grading'. 

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