Sensei Iain Wilkinson 4th Dan

One of our most consistent coaches & seasoned competitors Iain runs the Ashton Dojo.

Iain began his Karate training in the early 80’s under Sensei Tommy Kwan 7th Dan. Now as a father of three, after having a break as a teenager, he began training with his eldest son James under Sensei Gary Foxwell 7th Dan in the English Karate Academy.

From there he has sucessfully gained both his 4th Dan Black Belt and Instructors award. He is now a Senior Instructor of the Academy. He has gone on to open his own club in the town of Ashton – in – Makerfield in 2009.


Sensei Aneliese Foxwell 4th Dan

ajkick1Aneliese began her karate training at 6 years old under Sensei Paul Graham 8th Dan Shukokai. As a teenager she trained under Sensei Brian Bentham 5th Dan Shotokan before joining the English Karate Academy in 2005, since then gaining her 4th Dan Black Belt and becoming a qualified Karate Instructor.

Aneliese is a a sucessful competitor winning countless competitions both in the UK and abroad.

Aneliese has served as a Police Officer for 10 years with Greater Manchester Police and is also a Senior Instructor and head of the Fox Cub programme. She also has 3 small children, all of which train with the Academy.

Aneliese runs karate classes at the Lowton Church Lane Dojo and pre-school karate classes at the Culcheth Dojo.

Sensei Kieron Fairhurst 3rd Dan

kieron_fairhurstSensei Kieron is an instructor to the English Karate Academy after joining us as an existing Dan Grade he trained for 2 years before completing his 2nd Dan and Instructors Award and then his 3rd Dan.

Sensei Kieron trains across the clubs, runs numerous courses for us and acts as a floating instructor whenever cover is needed.

Kieron is a vital part to the English Karate Academy and as well as being one of the fittest people training. Kieron is a master of kicking techniques.

Kieron is a Senior Instructor with the Academy and is also on the Dan Grading Pannel.

Sensei Paul Molyneux 3rd Dan

paul_molyneuxPaul was encouraged to train with the academy after spending several weeks watching his two children Christopher and Abigail start their own training with the EKA in 2008.

He progressed through the grades to achieve his 1st Dan Grade in October 2011, shortly followed by his instructors award in 2012.

Outside of training, Paul is a full-time lecturer in Computing and Web Development at Wigan and Leigh College.




Sensei Dawn Heesom 3rd Dan

English Karate Academy Instructor Dawn trains mainly at our Ashton Dojo under Sensei Iain 4th Dan

She began her karate training many years ago in  Shotokan Karate before joining the English Karate Academy when Sensei Iain opened his club in Ashton where she came to us as a 1st Dan, since then gaining her 2nd and 3rd Dan Black Belt and Instructors Award.

Dawn as well as helping out in classes runs a successful after schools programme in the Ashton area.



Sensei David Bradshaw 1st Dan

English Karate Academy Instructor David
As with most of our Instructors, David watched his daughter Georgia for many years.

Once he began his training he never looked back, he quickly progressed through his grades and became a black belt (quickly being 4 years), he went from there to become a qualified instructor.

David runs a class for our on a Sunday at Hindley Leisure Centre and has recently had his first student become a black belt themselves.

A keen competitor himself has seen David enter many competitions but also has seen him go across the Globe to support his daughter Georgia in both the European and World Championships.


Sensei Russ Pimblet 1st Dan

English Karate Academy Instructor RussRuss began after watching his Daughter Amber training for many years.

He had to be convinced to join but once he did he was hooked!

Russ and his family train across the dojo’s and is used as an emergency cover instructor when required.

Russ is always there to help and encourage all of our members as they learn Karate and regularly gives part of his session to ensure that everyone can progress.


Sensei John Keane 1st Dan

Sensei John began training at the English Karate Academy after watching his English Karate Academy instructor Johntwo sons growing in their ability.

He began with us a white belt and quickly progressed through the ranks to become first of all Black belt then Qualified instructor.

John, along with his two sons, is a keen competitor and along with entering many domestic events he has also competed as part of the England team in the WUKF World Championships in Dublin.



Sensei David Jones 1st Dan

English Karate Academy Instructor David David watched his daughter Summer (also a dan grade instructor) train for 4 years before finally taking the plunge in 2011.

In 2015 he won his Black belt at the grand age of 50, from there he went from strength to strength and became one of our qualified instructors.

David can be seen across the range of our clubs and provides emergency instructor cover on an ad hoc basis.




Sensei Marie Callan 1st Dan

English Karate Academy Instructor Marie
Marie started after watching her two children for some time.

Marie progressed through the grades to become a black belt before finalising her Instructors Qualification.

Along with providing emergency cover, Marie travels the country and globe with her two daughters who are very strong competitors.